The Story of the Flower. How beautiful it is!


Flowers grow out of dark moments
— Corita Kent

Flowers grow out of dark moments indeed. I spent a lot of my life thinking I was just a weed growing in a field full of flowers. I felt out of place, like an outcast and a thing to be despised and trampled on. I suffered from abuse, trauma and a negative mindset and was constantly making one bad decision after another. What I didnt realize then is that I was a seed packed with life giving potential and I was rather being choked and stifled by enemy weeds. I didnt know that I had value and that I was precious, rare, one of a kind. But that all changed when I gave my life over to Christ. Even when I didnt see the value in myself, the Lord Jesus Christ never forsook me, he still held me close to His heart with good plans and purposes for me to grow into who He designed me to be. (Jeremiah 29:11).

I may have been despised, rejected and disrespected by others yet Jesus saw the potential of a flower in me. Through deliverance, salvation, and the renewal of my mind, I now see myself as Jesus sees me. I am a flower and not a weed. Armed with this knowledge, I now bloom with the love of Christ. I've left behind sin, guilt, condemnation, fear, anxiety, pain, despair, rejection and regret. I remind myself daily that I am a flower and not a weed. For these reasons the Naana Yankey logo is symbolized by a flower. Finally, I have come to embrace who I am in Christ and where I belong, blooming among the flowers in the garden of God.

You belong among the flowers
— Tom Petty
flower Naana.png